Singapore Japanese Eyelash extensions salon Magic Lash is having a big recruitment!

Hello from Singapore Japanese Eyelash Extension Salon, Magic lash!

Magic lash is a shop opened in April 2018.

Magic lash has become a great working environment that takes great care of female staff.

And not to worry about technical aspects, No.1 Eyelash artist in Singapore, kazumi Jeane is responsible for

providing professional technical guidance!

The skills learnt cannot be compared with other salons anywhere! So you don’t have to worry about your


There are ladies who want to learn Kazumi Jeane’s techniques that they came to our salon from other salons.

Regarding salary as well, our salon offers the highest salary in Singapore! So money can be saved!

As regards to customers, since more than 150 new customers can be attained every month, it is also

attractive that lifework is adjusted easily because many customers can be attained from the beginning!

Please join us and have fun working together! ! !

Eyelash Artist


People who can work more than 2 years / To work as branch manager or manager

※Preferably individuals who can speak English or has experience working overseas.

♦︎Job description

Eyelash extensions procedures / All aspects of managing an Eyelash Salon

♦︎Conditions of Employment

Full time / Part time (More than 2 ~ 3 days in a week, flexible working hours )


Negotiable basic salary (in SGD) + Commision / Special Bonus

♦︎Compensation Package

EP Visa application support / Health insurance・Worker’s compensation insurance / Housing allowance and

life support / Independence support


6~8 days in a month + Summer and Winter Holiday / Annual leave・Company trip

♦︎Working hours

9:30~21:00 Weekdays / 9:30~19:00 Saturday・Sunday・Public Holidays

12:00~21:00 Weekday / 12:00~19:00 Saturday・Sunday・Public Holidays

Work in shifts 10:00~19:00,12:00~21:00 on weekday.

【Application or inquiries here】

We are looking forward to working with you

シンガポール日系まつ毛エクステサロンMagic lashスタッフ大募集!!

こんにちは!シンガポール日系まつ毛エクステサロンMagic lash です!

Magic lashは2018年の4月に出来たお店です。

Magic lash はとにかく女性スタッフの事を考えられた働きやすい環境になっています。

技術面に関してもシンガポールでNO1アイリスト kazumi jaeneが責任をもって技術指導してくれるので安心!


シンガポールでkazumi jaeneの技術を学びたくてほかのサロンから来た子もいるぐらい^^









まつ毛エクステ施術 / サロン運営に関わる業務全般


正社員 / パートタイム(週2~3日以上、勤務時間についても応相談)


基本給要相談シンガポールドル+歩合給 / 特別ボーナス制度有


EPビザ申請サポート / 健康保険・労災保険加入 / 住居等生活全般のサポート / 独立支援サポート有


月6日間~8日間+夏季冬季休暇 / 有給休暇・社員旅行


平日9:30~21:00 / 土曜・日曜・祭日9:30~19:00

平日12:00~21:00 / 土曜・日曜・祭日12:00~19:00




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