How to choose the length and thickness of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions in recent years have been characterized by a focus on design.
The trend has changed from eyelash extensions that were simply applied at the beginning of the trend to eyelash extensions that are designed to suit each individual person.

Just like clothing and hair style, eyelash extensions can be designed to suit each person.
Also, each person has their own tastes, preferences, and favorite designs.

The eyelash stylist will design the eyelash extensions based on the above mentioned factors during the pre-treatment consultation.

The length and thickness of the extensions have the most to do with the design.
There are a variety of eyelash extensions with different lengths and thicknesses.

Depending on the length and thickness of the eyelash extensions, the finished image, the impression of the eyes, will vary greatly.

Therefore, we will combine these extensions to create the best design while taking the balance and finished image into consideration.
However, the length and thickness of the eyelash extensions available vary from salon to salon, so it is a good idea to check what types of eyelash extensions are available when you make an appointment.

What kind of lengths are available?

First, let’s talk about the length of the matsueki.

Most salons use lengths from 6mm to 15mm.

Roughly speaking, the longer the length, the more flamboyant and gorgeous, and the shorter the length, the simpler and more natural.

Since they are available in 1mm increments, there are about 10 types in total.
The 6mm to 8mm lashes are mainly for the lower lashes.

For upper lashes, using lashes up to 10mm will give a natural finish, but generally, lashes from 9mm to 12mm are the most popular.
Eyelashes 13mm or larger are recommended for bridal or photo shoots where you want a more defined look.

We will take into consideration all aspects of your face and the condition of your original eyelashes to create the best possible finished image.

What kind of thickness?

The most common thicknesses used are 0.1 mm and 0.15 mm.
To put it roughly, the thicker the lashes are, the more gorgeous and glamorous they look, and the thinner they are, the more elegant the style is.

At 0.1mm, the lashes are closer to your own lashes, giving a natural look.

The most popular is 0.15mm, which gives a slightly voluminous look.
Other thicknesses up to about 0.25mm are also commonly used.

This thickness has received the most attention in recent years.
The reason is still the latest technology volume lash craze.

Volume Lash, a new type of eyelash extensions that became popular around 2015, are ultra-thin extensions that have revolutionized the conventional wisdom of eyelash extension thickness.
The thickness is 0.05 to 0.07mm, about half the thickness of conventional extensions.

Since most of the original lashes are as thick as the above, the extensions have a very natural look when applied.

How to choose?

As for how to choose the actual thickness and length, for beginners, it is basically recommended that you tell your eye-list the image you want to achieve and leave it to them.

For example, the longer and thicker the length, the stronger the impact will be, but there is a disadvantage that it tends to be unnatural. It is also easier to remove.
If you have a long experience, you can predict to some extent, but if it is your first time to get eyelash extensions, it is said that it is difficult to choose the thickness and length.

Also, choosing eyelash extensions that match the length and thickness of your own eyelashes will make them last longer and look more natural.

In order to achieve the look you envision, the shape of your eyes must also be taken into consideration.
You can also change the impression by changing the length and thickness at the inner corner, outer corner, and center of the eye.

It is a good idea to tell us the image you want to achieve and consult with the eye stylist before making your choice.

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