Popular color extensions are all the rage!

Color extensions were very popular in 2015.
They will continue to be very popular in 2022.
Color extensions have been attracting attention for some time, but why have they become so popular now?

We will introduce the characteristics and appeal of color extensions.

Appeal of Color Extensions

Many people may still be resistant when they hear the term “colored extensions.
Color extensions” are extensions with color instead of the black extensions that are usually worn.

The secret to their popularity is the subtle accents they add to give your hair a new look.

Of course, it is possible to attach them to the entire eye, but the trendy style is to attach them to the outer corner of the eye as an accent.

Is brown the most popular?

The most popular color is said to be brown.
Like eyebrows, eyelash extensions can be made to match the color of the hair for a more fashionable look.

Next in popularity are purple and blue.

Many people imagine purple extensions to be very uncomfortable and resistant, but surprisingly, when they are applied, there is little discomfort and they are very effective as an accent for the eye area.
They are also ideal for a sexy eye look.

A surprisingly popular color is green.
It is said that many people can match it without feeling uncomfortable.

Some salons also offer a wide range of color lineups, such as red that integrates well with blush and lipstick, and cute pink one-pointedness.

The color lineup of color extensions is more extensive than one might imagine.
Brown, red, green, pink, blue, purple, etc…
Please check it out♪

Not just a single color, but a style that mixes and matches various colors is also popular.

Who wears it? For what kind of occasions?

What is important is the timing and situation for applying them.

For example, people who want to change the color of their eyelashes just like they do with makeup products, or people who want to create gorgeous eyes before a big event such as a wedding or a party.

If the color is a subdued brown that matches your hair, you can wear it for everyday use or even if you work in an office without any discomfort.

The best time to wear it is before an event.
You will look more gorgeous than usual, more gorgeous than usual, and you will be able to greet the event more brightly and happily with a new and different eyelash extensions beauty method [color extensions].

This is the column about color extensions.

In 2015, color extensions were all the rage and became a popular option.
A very large number of salons have adopted color extensions, but there are also many salons that specialize in them.

Salons that have a lot of experience in actually applying color extensions can offer accurate advice.
There are often many photos of actual procedures and images of the finished product, so if this is your first time getting color extensions or if you are interested but have no experience, it is a good idea to consult with the salon.

It is said that once you try color extensions, you will be captivated by them.
Please give them a try!
Styles with a mix of colors are also popular.

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